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5 of the best iOS developer blogs to follow and 5 things I’ve learnt

Best way to learn about creating and launching apps? Follow the guys that are actually doing it.

Lucky Frame – Thursday is not best day to launch an app + getting reviews on launch day


I’ve just come across this site but the advice here is invaluable! If only I had started reading 3-4 days prior to my launch.

“I should also point out that exactly 0 of the reviews that we received came from sources that we had contacted blindly. Every single one of them had expressed interest in either Bad Hotel or Pugs Luv Beats, and nearly everyone had been personally in contact with us about the app. Submitting the app to blogs that have “submit your apps for review!” sections is a waste of time. Cultivating professional and personal relationships with people who care about quality creative output is the only way to get good coverage. It’s also a great way to meet extremely interesting people”

“For some reason, it is common thinking in the developer world that Thursday is the best day to release an app. This probably comes from the fact that Apple refreshes their features on Thursday night, so the thinking is that you are more likely to be on their radar. In our experience, the reverse may be true – particularly for a tiny developer like us. We released Bad Hotel on a Tuesday, and generated an enormous amount of internet buzz on that Tuesday and Wednesday. I firmly believe that this buzz, and the accompanying sales, is what led to our feature. If we had released on a Thursday that buzz would probably not have reached the critical mass required to get on Apple’s radar by the time they refreshed the list. In other words – our two-day release leadup to the features release in all likelihood propelled Bad Hotel onto the lists.”

Tap Tap Tap – be a little naughty, use competitions around launch and update often.


These guys are pioneers of sharing data on how their app store marketing is doing. I’m sure they’ve inspired countless developers as their download statistics and profits are through the roof.

They are incredibly good at getting coverage on the major tech blogs and creating viral marketing.

A few big things stand out for me about TapTapTap.

The first is when they released the Camera+ app and sneaked in a feature where you can take a picture using the volume button, even though Apple told them not to. The story went viral and was featured everywhere. Apple pulled the app, but then TapTapTap released an update and since then they’ve stayed incredibly high in the rankings.

The second is their launch marketing for The Heist was spot on. They did a prize giveaway and anyone who shared the app amongst their friends the most, would be entered in the prize draw. No wonder they got 500,000 paid downloads in one week.

The third is how they are constantly updating their apps. Camera+ is already one of the best, if not the best camera app out there. Yet, these guys don’t sit around hoping their app store rankings will stay high, they keep updating and adding features to stay ahead of the competition. Inspiring!

Trey Smith Blog – Making money from indie games


I both love and hate the Trey Smith Blog. Part of me wants to scream at him and say: Stop pumping out mediocre games and making lots of money. But then there’s the other side of me that wants to tip my hat to him. Not that I often wear a hat, but if I did, it would be tipping in his direction.

There’s plenty of excellent advice on his blog from him and from his students. Everything from how to price your app, to finding good developers is covered.

It’s a great resource and a good starting point for new developers.

Blue Cloud Solutions


Here is how I was introduced to Carter Thomas who runs Blue Cloud Solutions:

“He’s built over 100 iPhone apps!”

Hmmm, I responded. Intrigued. I checked out his blog and sure enough he gives away plenty of valuable information about app store marketing.

Three of my favourite posts:



VentureBeat is perhaps the most up to date source for news on iOS, iPhone, Android and the whole ecosystem that goes with it. They update really frequently so I recommend adding them to your Feedly or other Google Reader replacement.

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