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How to memorise the word presque

During my French language learning – “Je etudy le langue des Francais”, I get caught up in certain words that don’t sink in. That word today is Presque. Which means almost.

The first thing I did was crazy images. So presque – sounds like press queue for me. So I imagined someone pressing against a queue trying to get to the front. I also remembered queuing for an Arctic Monkeys gig and tried to install that image of pressing up the front of the queue to get a ticket.

Unfortunately that failed. Probably because whilst the imagery is vivid it doesn’t link in with the meaning of the word.. “almost”.

Next I tried thinking of sentences it could tie into. I almost met Prescott. I almost pressed the question.

That doesn’t seem to be working either. I can’t really relate it to other French words either. So I continue on trying to learn the word presque. Je presque finaliser mon blog post.

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