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How we’re using HealthKit for tracking calories and macros

“Can our new app allow users to track calories and macros?”.

It was one of those moments when you hear something that seems is an essential part of human knowledge, that you’ve somehow missed out on. Perhaps you were ill that day in class.

What are macros?

Slightly embarrassed, I didn’t ask Kevin, the founder of Fit Men Cook, who we teamed up with to build our newest app of the same name.

Instead, I sheepishly nodded and said; ‘we can definitely look in to that’.

We’ve all heard of keeping track of calories. Macros are the next stage. They provide a breakdown of how much protein, carbs and fat are in a meal you are about to eat.

Go in to any gym and the personal trainer will say to you: I want you to be eating 45% fat, 35% protein and 20% carbs. For example, here’s the chart created for me by my personal trainer when I was looking to lose weight:

Calories and macros chart

You know how when someone says: “Abs are 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the gym”. It turns out that’s true and when you control these numbers, you reach your fitness goals.

MyFitnessPal is the app people always turn to when they start tracking their macros. It’s a mighty fine app, but what if it could be even easier.

What if you could just follow a recipe, then tap a button to add the nutrient breakdown to a tracker. Then, you wouldn’t need to manually track down the different numbers. A three to five minute process, becomes a 3 second process.

That’s exactly what our new app does. Here’s what it looks like inside the app:

And here’s what you see when you go in to the Apple Health App:

Apple Health App

This is the very definition of “easy and painless”. Inside my Apple Health App, I can now see that I’ve had 51g of protein today, so I’m around a 1/4 of the way to my target of 201g. Great! I can go back and eat 3 more of those delicious Bison Omelette Rolls.

This is just one of the features of our new app that makes it a must have for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders or just those looking to lose a little weight. Couple the HealthKit integration, with our weekly meal prep suggestions and you’ll be cooking once or twice a week and reaching your goals.

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