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Good UI change from Aweber

I’m a sucker for good, thoughtful user interaction design. Today, when I logged in my Aweber, which I use to send out weekly newsletters, I saw this on the final page of scheduling a broadcast:

Aweber screenshot

Previously, as I would typically be half way around the world I’d have to do the following:

  • Work out what time zone it had placed me in. FKST? What does that mean?
  • Google FKST
  • Okay, Falklands Time Zone. Right, how far back is that from the UK?
  • 3 hours. Cool so 10.05 am is the time I want, minus 3 hours, that’s 7.05.

Then I would schedule it in. Typically, rechecking my quick calculation was correct.

Now, there’s no need for any of this. Great job Aweber?

Improvements? You bet! For a start, I can’t click on the box to change it. I click on it and nothing happens. That’s bad UI. If I click on a different day, I see the box again, but if I decide I don’t wish to make a change, there’s no X in the top right. So I have to click on the wrong day, then click again on the right day.

There’s always room for improvement and that’s what keeps it fun.


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