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Getting Bike Doctor app to number 1 – first 24 hours of launch

Bike Doctor app at number 1 in the app store

Sipping a glass of Argentinian Mendoza Malbec wine my friend asked:

Are you ready to go out?

Everything was done, there was nothing else I could do:

  • Reddit adverts were ready
  • Facebook page updates were scheduled to go live
  • Blog posts were scheduled to announce the arrival of the app
  • Aweber newsletter emails were scheduled to go out
  • The press release had been scheduled with PRWeb.
  • Tweets were scheduled in
  • YouTube of the video in action was uploaded

Come 8am GMT the next day everyone would hear about the new app.

We went out, we danced, we joked around, met people, drank more red wine. We came back at 2am tired and I went straight to bed.

I woke up the next day – curses – I really shouldn’t be hungover on an important day. I should have followed my friend Gemma’s advice.

Time to check in…

I checked the featured apps list. The app wasn’t there. When does Apple refresh featured apps lists?


I checked the top sports apps list – there it was – at number 1 spot.

Excellent start – I mused, wondering whether now would be a good time to pat myself on the back or refrain from self congratulation as a French girlfriend once taught me.

It was time to check other stats.

  • Twitter – was there any feedback to deal with?
  • Reddit – how were the adverts doing – any comments I needed to respond to
  • Had I forgotten to schedule any social media updates? I had on the Bike Doctor social feeds
  • Blog – were there any comments to answer?
  • Email – any users having any questions about the app?
  • Aweber – were users subscribing to our newsletter through the app?

All was good – suddenly I felt helpless, after responding to a few emails there wasn’t that much to do.

It almost felt like an anti-climax. I checked the featured apps list about 5 times, the top apps list another 5 times and I decided that the preparation I had done up to this point was enough. It was time to hit the sack for a snooze.

Later in the day, I woke up, responded to emails and went out for a celebratory Argentinian steak and wine. I would have to wait until the next day for the full statistics on the launch to come through.

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