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Survey results: How 1,301 users discovered the FitMenCook app


That feeling you get when you discover an app you love!

But how do most people find apps?

We decided to survey the FitMenCook app audience to find the answer.

FitMenCook how did you find the app

From the 1,301 responses we received, we discovered that around 65% of people discovered FitMenCook through the website and social media channels. Instagram was by far the biggest driver of downloads, which isn’t a surprise given Kevin’s 1 million fans.

Interestingly, getting featured by Apple was our second biggest driver of downloads and this was before we won an App of the Year award, so this number has most certainly increased in recent months.

Product Hunt was another interesting channel, where we received hundreds of upvotes from users excited to be presented with an easy way to prepare delicious, healthy meals in bulk. Something that would of course appeal to a busy tech crowd, with little time on their hands.

What we’ve found is that Twitter and Facebook continue to be highly underperforming channels. Peoples twitter feeds tend to be too busy or they don’t check in regularly enough to be reached. With Facebook throttling the number of fans that view each message, it’s become harder to reach the audience you’ve built up. The only way to extend the reach is through either very viral content or by spending on advertising.

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