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Best apps for creating mockups

Apps for creating mockups


If you’ve had an idea for an app, one of the first things you should do is create a mockup of how the app will work. Why?

  • Mockups help you explain your app to others so that they can comment on features and offer improvements
  • They help you gain a deep understanding of the way the app will work, so you can tweak the features to your liking
  • They allow you to explain more clearly to a developer and a designer what you are trying to achieve
  • They keep your costs down as you can get more quickly in to developing and releasing your app

The list of benefits continues, but creating mockups of your app is important.

There are a bunch of mockup tools you can use on your computer such as FluidUI. However, today I wanted to cover some of the best apps for making mockups.

POP – Prototyping on Paper


If you are pretty handy with a pen and paper, then you can bring your mockups to life using this great little app for iPhone and Android. You draw out your app in your notebook, then you grab your phone, take a picture and then inside the app you can link pages together. So if you tap the twitter button for example, you could show the Twitter functionality. This is great for bringing a design to life.

Also, you can then share your design with the designer, developer or investor, so they can look through and get a feel for it themselves.

I bet you are wishing you concentrated more in art class at school now?

AppCooker – Design apps like a chef


This $20 iPad app will allow you to draw out your app by clicking and dragging elements and linking them together. It has all the necessary extra features such as the ability to export to JPG or even clickable PDF. Using AppCooker is definitely a time saver and as long as you are happy working on the iPad screen rather than using your computer, you’ll get along well with the app. There are some real nice extras in here, such as animations that make it feel like you are really using your app.

Aside from that, there are also tools included to work out how many downloads you’ll need to break even, how much you should spend on advertising and so forth. In all quite a nice complete package for anyone who is regularly creating apps. The $20 seems like a reasonable price, considering the range of features.

These are two of my favourites, if you’ve come across any more, please help others discover them by leaving a comment below.

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