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25 London Cycle Routes

I finally finished a great big eBook I had been writing for my cycling blog – London Cyclist. The eBook has 25 amazing cycling routes in London. Each route took me absolutely ages to put together but in the end I was pleased with the result. What I will be doing in future is adding more routes and offering that for free for anyone who downloads.

Overall it’s been a hectic month. From before February I realised I was going to be putting together the whole eBook myself so I set about doing a route per day. Sometimes that worked and other times I found myself getting too tired. My fitness levels are definitely way up on what they were before.

I’ve released the eBook yesterday and I’m busy contacting as many people as possible to let them know it has been released. So far quite a few people have downloaded and the feedback has been very positive. I’m still looking for some people to be critical so I know which areas I need to improve on.

I want to put up some guest posts with what I learned from releasing my first eBook because there is definitely not enough information on the internet about it. I will be contacting some of the top blogs to see if they will let me write for them.

The favourite London cycle route I did is hard to decide. The nightride was very liberating because so many hours had gone into it and it was my final route knowing I could relax afterwards. The most eventful was probably Rickmansworth to Denham ending up falling down in the mud. The longer was the London to Chichester. The best one though… “From a suit to a fluorescent jacket”

If you want to take a look at it, it is available at:

London Cycle Routes

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