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Why I’m selling my Samsung Omnia on eBay

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After having spent 20 months with my Nokia N95 it was time for a change. That change was to take the form of a Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 mobile phone.

What a terrible mistake!

I go to write a message and it rotates, I try to scroll the screen and it zooms in, I try to quickly search for my friends name in my contacts and it takes for ever.

The other day I went into a mobile phone shop and I overheard the guy in front of me complaining to the shop assistant about how hard the Omnia is to use and can he exchange it. Get in line mate.

Review of the Camera

new years 017My sole reason for choosing the Omnia vs iPhone is that it had a great 5MP camera. The camera takes for ever to take a picture and the quality is not good. I took my Omnia out with me on New Years Eve and boy is that flash bright! Too bright. All the pictures come out with a weird white glow.  *sigh*

Review of Windows Mobile Device Centre

After spending 2 days looking around the internet for people experiencing similar problems and getting nowhere when trying to connect their mobile phone to windows mobile device centre I gave up. I reinstalled my entire laptop and suddenly it was working. If anyone has a solution by the way to the WpdRapi2.dll and WUDFRd.sys driver installation problems get in touch! *sigh*

with the solutions to the WpdRapi2.dll and WUDFRd.sys driver installation problems I reinstalled my entire laptop. Suddenly it was working. *sigh*

Review of Omnia Interface

I know that some reviews talk about how the Samsung updates to the Windows Mobile operating system have improved the interface but I beg to differ. In short, it is unusable without the stylus. It is about time Samsung learnt a few lessons off the iPhone – people don’t want to carry round a stylus and they don’t want to have to tap their screen with their fingernails. *big sigh*

I tried to fall in love with the Omnia

Despite all this I tried very hard to rekindle my flame with the Omnia. I even installed Spb Mobile Shell which is an absolutely great piece of software for improving the unusable Omnia interface. Unfortunately it was not to be.

My Solution

I put my phone on eBay and sold it. Part of me feels sorry for the next owner. Part of me doesn’t because I’m moving on to an actual usable phone next – the Nokia N85.

Goodbye Omnia you will be missed. Not!

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3 Discussion to this post

  1. Ollie says:

    I have an iPhone right now but was thinking of purchasing an Omnia because I’d like a better camera. I won’t bother now!!
    — Glad I have helped you save some money!

  2. I am using Nokia N95. Is Omnia better than Nokia or IPhone? I am no longer a fan of touch screen phones….

  3. Andreas says:

    Well the N95 is pretty old now. If your a Nokia man I would just grab the latest Nokia, they look pretty good.
    The Omnia is very hard to type text in where as the iPhone is much easier

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