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Transferring my wordpress after javascript not working

So I moved over my hosting plan from Dreamhost to Doreo and moved over the databases, files etc etc and began to notice various errors. In the admin panel I could not minimise the sidebar, or click the dropdown button, or add new tags or choose from the most used tags. Basically everything that revolved around javascript was not working.

The only solution I could think of was to create a new site and set it up exactly as I wanted it and then transfer it to the main site, this would allow for minimum downtime and plenty of stress free time to test out the site before making it live. I effectively “spring cleaned my wordpress” so it is as if I’m starting from scratch but  then uploading all the database content.

So… how did I do it?

1) I used fantastico in my cpanel to automatically install a new instance of wordpress in a subdomain so instead of efinet.co.uk I installed to test.efinet.co.uk. Use whatever tool your hosts gives you to setup a new wordpress or just install it yourself to a subdomain.

2) Then I copied over from my other database all the database files.Luckily they had a different name. Effectively I now had a copy of all the new database files and the old ones that contained all the data I wanted to transfer.

3) Luckily when I did this they had different names. This allowed me to rename each of them one by one so I can effectively test out if there was going to be any problems. So my old one was called wp_55_posts for example and the new one was wp_posts. So what I would do is rename the new one to wp_posts_new and the old one to wp_posts.

4) I discovered that there was an error with renaming the settings file. So I kept the original settings file and just went in and manually edited it using phpmyadmin.

5) There was also a problem with wp_usermeta so I edited my original to look more like the new one. Then everything was working fine.

6) Then I logged into wordpress (with my original username and password) and double checked all the settings matched up wtih my original site (which was still live) and my new site (which I had setup at a subdomain)

7) I cross checked all my plugins and re-uploaded them

8) Re-uploaded a theme I wanted

9) Double checked all the pages were still there and working

10) Transfered my wp_content/uploads folder which contained all the images

11) Iron out any errors and hey presto your new site works exactly the same as the new one.

12) Then I simply renamed efinet.co.uk folder to efinet.co.uk22 and test.efinet.co.uk to efinet.co.uk

13) This meant the main site was now my new one.

14) From then on you need to go into admin panel settings and change the wordpress blog URL and also site URL.

I think I described the steps fairly well. If you need any help or have a similar problem with your wordpress javascript not working in the admin panel then drop me a comment and I’ll see if I can help. I’m no wordpress expert but this “spring clean” technique worked for me.

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