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The all-in-one list of Tim Ferriss resources

tim ferriss mugshot I like what Tim Ferriss does. The ideas behind accelerated learning, not wasting your life on the things that don’t matter etc are all excellent. But, Tim, bless him, is a busy guy. He has been coming up with content faster than you could apply and use it! Here is a collection of some of his best stuff, mainly from outside his blog (as I assume you know how to navigate around that!), that you may have missed.

Tim Ferriss on Spreading an idea

  • How blogs helped Tim Ferriss become a best seller – A Mixergy interview about how Tim Ferriss learned from others and techniques that could be replicated
  • How does a best seller happen? – Tim talks about he went from 0 to Wall Street Journal Bestseller. In particular it was interesting how he got in contact with the experts in the field and asked not only what to do but also what not to waste time on – he found that book signings is a definite no-no
  • Micro persuasion behind a meme – looking at some interesting statistics of the growth in Tim Ferriss related posts and some key things to take out of it
  • Problogger interviews Tim Ferriss – great interview covering some of the ‘offline’ techniques Tim Ferriss used to get featured on the top blogs and get to know influential bloggers. Also encourages you to see a blog as just a tool amongst others

Accelerated Learning

  • Learning something in a short space of time – Brief discussion on Zen Habits about how Tim Ferriss learns so much in such a short space of time. Interesting in particular is how you should not overrate how difficult something is
  • Accelerated Language Learning – David Betz’ take on accelerated learning from the four-hour-work-week and how you should first deconstruct something before attempting to learn it
  • Hanselminutes – following on from the above the interview discusses focusing on what is important to become a world-class expert on many topics and finding the point of diminishing return so you are not wasting effort
  • How to learn a language in 3 months – From the 4HWW blog on how to learn languages effectively. Useful insight into accelerated learning

4HWW Promotion


3 main things to take away from this: if you fear something then it is probably something worth doing, there is a much more effective way to swim and always ask: “what is the worse that could happen?” I also like Steve Pavlinas take on this question: Hey, if it’s not going to land me in jail, how bad could it be?”

Unfortunately I could not find a full copy of the Trial By Fire show. Though you can purchase it from the History Channel.

Ramit and Tim discuss the importance of failure for success. Ramit talks about his list of failures and if his list is not growing by 2-3 items a month then something is not right. Tim discusses how if you can learn something from failure then it is not a complete failure.

Kevin from Diggnation and Tim discuss Angel investing

Four Hour Workweek fundamentals

  • Derek Sivers Interview – interview discussing some of the key ideas to come out of the 4HWW. Talking in particular about test driving and experimenting with your processes to improve them
  • Diary of a self help dropout – humorous take on GTD vs Four Hour Work Week


If you like the 4HWW content you may also enjoy these reads:

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