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Setting app availability day in future in iTunesConnect

The Caveman Feast app for iPhone and iPad is here!

One of the launch tactics we’ve used is to set the release day in the future. This way, when Apple approves the app, it doesn’t appear in the app store until you are completely ready with your marketing materials.

This makes a lot of sense as otherwise the app will sit undiscovered. Instead, you launch and immediately let everyone know you’ve got a copy of your app available. This gives you a better chance of being featured in the app store and moving up the rankings.

However, there’s a little bit of confusion about how the launch date works, so I’ll try my best to explain it here in plain English.

Rights and pricing


Inside the rights and pricing module of iTunesConnect you’ll find the availability date choice. I’ll always set this way in to the future and then bring it back to the correct date I want when the app has been approved by Apple.

If I set the launch day for Tuesday 23 July 2013 then it means at 00:00 on Tuesday 23rd of July the app will be live in each specific time zone. Therefore, users in the UK will see the app before users in the US, which is a few hours behind.

That’s great as it means you can coordinate your launch across timezones. If you use Aweber for example, you can schedule a message to go out at 9am in each time zone you are promoting to.

There is one small complication.

The link to download your app will work immediately:


However, it takes a little longer (usually an hour or two) before you app appears in the search results. Therefore, searching for “Caveman Feast” may not work right at the point of midnight.

You should bear that in mind in case people start saying to you “hey, where’s the app? I can’t find it!”

Setting the release day in to the future is a key part of my new app launch strategy.

If you have any questions, please do leave them below.

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