I'm Andreas Kambanis and I'm the founder of Nibble Apps. This blog is all about creating and launching successful apps.

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PHP random content on wordpress

I wanted to split test my post footer in WordPress so I could try out two different Aweber forms. However the forms didn’t display in the way I wanted. The code I ended up using: $chosen = mt_rand(1,3); switch($chosen){ case 1: include ‘first.php’; break; case 2: include ‘second.php’; break; case 3: include ‘third.php’; break; default: […]

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I’m going with mypsdtohtml.com

Right, I’ve decided to redesign my blog about cycling in London. My designer has already finished a PSD drawing for an expensive fee and now after seeking out someone to convert my PSD to HTML I have gone with http://mypsdtohtml.com/ and a guy called Andres. So far the service seems good and the replies have […]

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Transferring my wordpress after javascript not working

So I moved over my hosting plan from Dreamhost to Doreo and moved over the databases, files etc etc and began to notice various errors. In the admin panel I could not minimise the sidebar, or click the dropdown button, or add new tags or choose from the most used tags. Basically everything that revolved […]

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The all-in-one list of Tim Ferriss resources

I like what Tim Ferriss does. The ideas behind accelerated learning, not wasting your life on the things that don’t matter etc are all excellent. But, Tim, bless him, is a busy guy. He has been coming up with content faster than you could apply and use it! Here is a collection of some of […]

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Why I’m selling my Samsung Omnia on eBay

// // After having spent 20 months with my Nokia N95 it was time for a change. That change was to take the form of a Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 mobile phone. What a terrible mistake! I go to write a message and it rotates, I try to scroll the screen and it zooms in, I […]

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Get the most out of your Nseries

This guide is focussed on the Nokia N95 but should be useful for all Nseries devices. Have you ever wondered how best to use your Nokia Nseries phone? I have had my N95 for over 18 months and have been actively seeking out all the alterations I can make to improve my phone. In this […]

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