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Wp_footer WordPress hack hidden links

Running a huge cycling blog and gaining a good reputation on Google I guess it was inevitable to attract some attention from spammers who want to benefit from my hard work without putting in any effort themselves. I recently noticed a sharp drop in my Google traffic. Logging in to my webmaster panel I noticed […]

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How to memorise the word presque

During my French language learning – “Je etudy le langue des Francais”, I get caught up in certain words that don’t sink in. That word today is Presque. Which means almost. The first thing I did was crazy images. So presque – sounds like press queue for me. So I imagined someone pressing against a […]

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Stock photography cyclist

Loving this over-use of the same image by different publications.. all of which you would think would have their own huge collection of stock photography anyway.. Via bike snob NYC

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Best desktop blog editor

If you are using Windows then the best Desktop Blog Editor has to be without a doubt Windows Live Writer. This can be downloaded as part of the Windows Live Essentials package. Above is a screenshot of the desktop blog editor in action showing this post as it was being written.

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How to link cloak in WordPress

As a blogger with over 50,000 visitors every month I need to find ways of monetizing my site. After all having a huge visitor count is great on paper and when approaching advertisers but it falls short of paying the rent every month and buying expensive toys that I can’t resist! I’ve still got my […]

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25 London Cycle Routes

I finally finished a great big eBook I had been writing for my cycling blog – London Cyclist. The eBook has 25 amazing cycling routes in London. Each route took me absolutely ages to put together but in the end I was pleased with the result. What I will be doing in future is adding […]

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