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Setting app availability day in future in iTunesConnect

The Caveman Feast app for iPhone and iPad is here! One of the launch tactics we’ve used is to set the release day in the future. This way, when Apple approves the app, it doesn’t appear in the app store until you are completely ready with your marketing materials. This makes a lot of sense […]

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Testing your iOS app before launch

  We’re currently working on Caveman Feast. An app that will work on both the iPhone and iPad. As such, we need to test out the app on different devices. Above is the excel the developer put together showing who would be in charge of what testing, as well as the key differences. Why do […]

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When does Apple release their iTunes Connect app download numbers?

When you launch an app it’s hard to resist constantly checking all the stats. Google Analytics, downloads and so forth. I always find myself glued to the app store rankings and the featured lists. That leaves you with the question: When does Apple update the latest download numbers? Fortunately, the answer is easy to find […]

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Getting Bike Doctor app to number 1 – first 24 hours of launch

Sipping a glass of Argentinian Mendoza Malbec wine my friend asked: Are you ready to go out? Everything was done, there was nothing else I could do: Reddit adverts were ready Facebook page updates were scheduled to go live Blog posts were scheduled to announce the arrival of the app Aweber newsletter emails were scheduled […]

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Smart App Banners for promoting your app

I just came across this: iOS – Smart App Banners in browsers not named Safari It’s a clever alternative to the Apple version of this: Promote your app with smart app banners When your user is browsing through your site and you’ve got an iPhone or iPad app to promote, it makes sense to show […]

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How long will my app take to be reviewed by Apple?

This morning I hit the launch button on my new iPad app called Bike Doctor. Previously, my app was only available on iPhone. This update adds an iPad edition. As I’ve launched a few apps on the app store one of the most common questions people have is How long will it take Apple to […]

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Internet access while travelling through central and south America

Travelling from Vancouver to Antartica and running my business as a “digital nomad” means I need “heaps” of internet access. Unfortunately, look on a site such as Net Index and you’ll see countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua lagging behind in the internet speed race. When you mix that in with the fact everyone now […]

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