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Gym in Buenos Aires

What are the three most common goals people set?

Lose weight, eat better and learn a language.

I’ve struggled with the first two whilst being on the road. However, in Buenos Aires I resolved to solve them. It turns out I picked the perfect place.

As we were staying in Las Canitas in an AirBnB apartment, I looked up gyms in Buenos Aires and found there were a few listed nearby. One of which was Megatlon.

Out of all the Megatlon’s in Buenos Aires, the one near me happens to be the most expensive and is frequented by models and football players. The monthly cost is around £75. It’s expensive, but if I’m going to be going four times per week, that’s good value.

I also requested a personal trainer. This solves the issue of commitment and helps me use the gym effectively. Both of which are major barriers to me starting to work out more regularly.

Fortunately, personal trainers here are far less expensive than in a city like London. A friend of mine back home is paying £37 for a 45 minute session. Here, I’m paying £12 (150 pesos – currency changes continuously) for an hour long session, with an instructor that speaks English. Between my Spanish and his English, we’ve got it perfected.

A month later, I’m feeling the difference. When I first stepped in to the gym, I could barely lift and I had lost much of the progress I had made working out in Mexico. My shoulders have also broadened out and a day doesn’t feel right if I haven’t been to the gym.

It’s been worth it, and I only wish I could continue.

Obviously working out is pretty pointless, unless you can couple it with good eating. Fortunately, as a follower of the Paleo diet, this too was easy in Argentina.

They are huge consumers of meat here, and you’ll easily find good cuts. Also, there seems to be a tiny fruit and vegetable shop every two blocks, so it’s easy to put together a salad and really cheap.

In all Argentina has been really good for hitting those goals that I’d neglected for much of the trip.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    Hi Andreas – thanks for this useful information!
    Am staying in BA for 6 weeks and want to do exactly the same – getting in better form

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