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Get the most out of your Nseries

This guide is focussed on the Nokia N95 but should be useful for all Nseries devices.

Have you ever wondered how best to use your Nokia Nseries phone? I have had my N95 for over 18 months and have been actively seeking out all the alterations I can make to improve my phone. In this guide I will cover the applications and tweaks that I have come across which will have the biggest impact to your experience. This guide will not cover some of the smaller changes. For that I recommend the N95 Best Tips and Tricks.

Opera Mini bookmark screen


Opera Mini

Much faster than the default browser and easier to use -  especially when looking at websites not originally meant for a mobile phone. To download head to: www.operamini.com on your mobile. The main site I visit is Evernote mobile which has all my notes such as todo lists, shopping lists etc.

Nokia Communication Centre

Is a great bit of software that comes with Nokia PC Suite. It lets you send text messages from your computer and look through your messages.

Google Maps

While Nokia Maps 2.0 is a huge improvement to the first version, Google Maps still prevails as far more useful. To use Google Maps you should have some form of data allowance call plan as Google Maps is very heavy on the internet usage.

Google Search

This application basically acts as a shortcut to Google mobile search but it saves you the time it takes to load up the internet browser.


Fring allows you to connect to your instant messenger client and message people on the go. I found this particularly useful especially when travelling abroad for keeping in touch with people. The best part about Fring is that you can log in to Skype and call other users for free.

Main Menu Nokia N95


I have two rules for this. Firstly I want to make my most often used applications the most accessible. Secondly anything that can be considered to be clutter is out of my sight. There is no definitive answer to how the menus should be arranged. If you find yourself clicking through too many menus all the time to find a certain application then maybe its time to move it to the main menu. Ask yourself: how can I make this easier for myself?

I personally prefer having more programs on the main menu which is why my Google Mail and Google Maps link is just a short scroll away rather than hidden away in the applications folder. Bookmarks wise I have deleted all the unecessary bookmarks (Though unfortunately you are stuck with the Start screen on N95default folders Nokia adds to the phone – my only solution to this is move them down to the bottom of the bookmark list)

Finally familiarise yourself with the Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Standby mode > Shortcuts menu which controls what programs you get when you use the scroll pad. Personally I have the calculator and converter hooked up to left and right. If I press up then the internet browser loads up to the Evernote notes page.


This is about using the latest version of PC Suite and keeping your phone firmware up to date using Nokia Software Updater (NSU). Recent benefits from firmware updates include longer battery life, faster menus and better camera performance. The most recent version is v30. Though currently on o2 phone network in the UK I am only able to get v21. When updating firmware you should make a backup of everything and to make it easier for yourself you should store all your applications on your memory card so they are not lost when you perform the update.


To backup things such as notes, contacts and calendar events Nokia have released My Nokia Backup. I find this the easiest way to backup my most important content as all it requires is a quick sync (Tools > Sync) and everything can be backed up wirelessly. To backup things such as Pictures you should use the tools within Nokia PC suite.

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