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What effect does winning a Best of 2015 award have on downloads?

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At the end of each year, Apple picks 25 of the best apps and 25 of the best games to feature in their Best of 2015. It’s a prestigious award handed to few developers and in 2015, we were thrilled to be one of the apps selected.

The award came at a brilliant time for our team as we’d been working long hours on development of FitMenCook 2.0. An ambitious update that would add regular new recipes to the app as well as a much requested meal planner.

It gave the team a huge boost to win the award and was a real moment to pause and reflect on what we’d achieved from our humble beginnings. We are very grateful to Apple for choosing us and to our users for their ongoing support.

With our Oscar acceptance speech out the way… what kind of effect does winning a Best of 2015 award from Apple have on downloads?

Here’s our chart from inside AppFigures.

Results from app of year

Can you tell which one is App of the Year?

Interestingly, it’s not the second huge spike. It’s the first that came on Wednesday December the 9th.

At this time we received 6.5 times the number of downloads we typically get in a week. This was a huge boost.

However, we saw a 24x multiple of downloads during the second promotion. The promotion that brought such crazy numbers? Apple’s Handpicked Apps for $0.99.

These two major promotions come at the busiest time for the year for app developers as downloads over Christmas and New Years are record breaking.

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