I'm Andreas Kambanis and I'm the founder of Nibble Apps. This blog is all about creating and launching successful apps.

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April 29, 2008

Hello, my name is Andreas Kambanis.Picture of Andreas Kambanis the founder of Nibble Apps

Look at this guy, with his .com – thinking he’s all great.

Facts about Andreas:

  • My company Nibble Apps, has launched a number of Apps that have hit the Top 10 in the App Store.
  • London Cyclist is a popular London blog I founded that gets over 100,000 monthly visitors.
  • I’m always looking for new app projects and to help people launch their apps successfully.
  • I like long walks in the park.
  • I grew up in Greece.
  • I live in London.
  • I’m an Aston University Alumni.
  • I’ve travelled from Vancouver, visiting every country on the way down to Antarctica to hang out with the penguins.
  • I have an amazing Zombie escape plan

Where you can find Andreas:

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