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Survey results: How 1,301 users discovered the FitMenCook app

That feeling you get when you discover an app you love! But how do most people find apps? We decided to survey the FitMenCook app audience to find the answer. From the 1,301 responses we received, we discovered that around 65% of people discovered FitMenCook through the website and social media channels. Instagram was by far the biggest […]

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How we’re using HealthKit for tracking calories and macros

“Can our new app allow users to track calories and macros?”. It was one of those moments when you hear something that seems is an essential part of human knowledge, that you’ve somehow missed out on. Perhaps you were ill that day in class. What are macros? Slightly embarrassed, I didn’t ask Kevin, the founder of […]

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What you should use App Store promo codes for

Last week I spoke with Paul, from the AppGuy podcast which I thoroughly recommend subscribing to if you are a developer or entrepreneur. One of the items that came up in discussion is how we use Promo Codes to spread the word on our app before the launch and get more downloads. This is something that […]

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What success in the App Store looks like

What are you aiming for? We’re aiming to help thousands of people live healthier every day. One of the ways of doing that is to help great content creators such as Young and Raw, get their work in front of App Store users. We know we’re doing pretty well, when our apps are grabbing the top […]

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From Iguazu to Montevideo


  After getting well and truly soaked beneath the Iguazu waterfall in a small boat (definitely one of the most fun experiences of the 14 month trip), we decided it was time to head to Montevideo. Whilst most backpackers use Iguazu as a stop off, on their way to Brazil, we wanted to end our […]

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Gym in Buenos Aires

What are the three most common goals people set? Lose weight, eat better and learn a language. I’ve struggled with the first two whilst being on the road. However, in Buenos Aires I resolved to solve them. It turns out I picked the perfect place. As we were staying in Las Canitas in an AirBnB […]

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